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According to ancient Greek myths, Ariadne, princess of Crete, daughter of King Minos and Queen Pasifae, was the wife of the God of wine and powerful drinks Dionysus (Bacchus).


When falling in love with Ariadne, Dionísio proposes to her and as a gift he offers her a gold crown set with precious stones. The golden crown is thrown into the sky by the God of wine when his wife dies. Conserving its shape, the crown soon becomes a constellation, filled with bright stars - The Coroa Boreal, a constellation of the northern celestial hemisphere.

Arya Wines's visual identity was inspired by the mysteries and secrets of Greek mythology and by the astrological representations of Ariadne's legend.

Visual Identity for DistillRuptive's Arya Wines.
Graphic design and photography by Pedro Kuperman. 

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