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At 90 years of age, the gardener lives immersed in his garden, where life is renewed and blooms every moment, where impermanence is as certain as life itself.

The garden exists since the time when his mother lived in the old house on the land, located in central neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. After the death of his wife, nine years ago, the gardener began to devote his time to the garden, nown now as Maria's Garden. It was also at this time that he began writing ballads, poetic compositions inspired by beauty of his garden, and by his longing companion.

The passionate building of his Garden of Eden is made by a daily work of meticulous care. Despite the losses and adversities of life, we do not notice any weight of mourning, on the contrary, we see a strong person well settled with life. His immersion in Eden is not escape but evocation (evocation: voluntary rescue made by memory). As the surroundings fades over time, the gardener remains eternal in Maria's Garden, renewing himself with great vitality, like his plants, and poetizing life in his ballads.

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